How to Cultivate a Yoga Practice on a Budget

I’ve been practicing yoga at home on an almost-daily basis for 10 months now. In the past, I’ve taken a number of studio classes with various instructors, and each experience–for better or worse–has been unique. Although I love the ease and flexibility (and the price–free!) of doing yoga at home, I’m ready to begin supplementing my practice with some public classes again–but there’s no way I’m willing (or able, frankly) to shell out $100+ a month on a studio membership.

My yoga journey has been humbling and rewarding, but it also has to remain affordable. Here are some tips I’m using to cultivate a safe and rewarding yoga practice without breaking the bank. I hope they’ll help you too.

Seek out free and donation-based community classes. Check with your local library, community center, or health foods store to see if they offer any community yoga classes. These classes are often offered at a discounted or ‘pay-what-you-can’ rate, and I’ve even come across some free classes in my area.

Don’t forget to check with your local yoga studio to see if they are offering any promotional classes or events to the public. I recently attended a yoga event held at a local store where I received an hour-long class and a brand new yoga mat–all for free!

These discounted classes are often crowded, but they offer a great opportunity to practice with a certified teacher at a fraction of the price.

Ask about new student specials. Most of the yoga studios in my area have special discounted rates for potential students. Always check the website or call and ask about specials before committing to a membership package. Some studios will let students try a class for free, or purchase a limited package at a discounted rate. A studio in my area is currently running a special for brand new students–allowing them to take 7 consecutive days of unlimited classes for free. There are some great deals available, so be on the lookout for specials before making a commitment.

Save big on class packages on Groupon. I’m fortunate enough to live in a city full of yoga studios and fitness centers, so a simple search on Groupon brings up a dozen discounted yoga packages. I actually just purchased a package this way, and was able to get 5 studio classes at only $4 a session.

This is a great way to save some money on public classes, and since I’m currently on the search for a yoga studio to regularly practice at, I’m definitely going to take advantage of these great deals to ‘shop around’ and try out different classes in my area.

Utilize free online resources at home. It’s no secret that I am absolutely obsessed with the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel. She has hundreds of beginner-friendly yoga classes available for free on her channel. Her quirky, “real” personality makes the yoga fun, and she always offers modifications and reminds her viewers to listen to their bodies and “Find What Feels Good.”

There are plenty of other yoga guides on YouTube and the internet at large, but YWA is all I use on a regular basis, and I never get bored.

I’m going to continue to do the bulk of my yoga practice at home, and use these tips to help me save money while I seek out supplemental public classes.


What are your favorite resources and tips for practicing yoga on a budget?


Daily Habits for Happiness and Wellbeing to Embrace

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Like most working adults, no matter how content I am, I can’t resist always looking for ways to find more balance, health, and happiness in my life. But despite the fact that I’m always looking for ways to improve, I’ve had a tendency to ignore commonplace advice to do things like take the stairs, drink more water, and dress for success. For the past couple of months, I’ve decided to make small changes in my day to day life to see just how much of an impact they can have. The results have been surprisingly encouraging. Here are the daily habits I’m finally embracing with open arms (and think you should too):

Drinking more water. Hydration is critical to our health and wellbeing, and there are several benefits of drinking water.  After struggling with occasional headaches and dizziness at the office, I realized I needed to be more mindful of staying hydrated. Each morning I fill a travel mug with ice water and carry it with me all day, filling up whenever I need to. I have my water in my car on the commute, carry it into meetings, and keep it at my desk throughout the day. It’s much easier to drink plenty of water when you make it accessible and convenient for yourself.

Staying active at work. I made a realization a couple months ago that my desk job had suddenly made me more sedentary than I’d ever been. In the workplace, it becomes really easy to go for 8 or 9 hours with barely any physical activity. Fortunately, there are many small steps we can take to be more active at work. There are also some simple stretches we can do that are good for those who sit most of the day. Personally, I’ve started taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking a few laps during my lunch break, and doing calf raises while I scan documents. These small, daily rituals have helped me to feel more energized and active at work and give me a great mental boost of accomplishment when I need it.

Dressing for success. We’ve all heard the saying: “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.” Well, if I did that, I’d probably have to settle for wearing a Snuggie to work every day. For me, comfort is always a top priority. Style–not so much. Which, in the office, is probably not a good thing. Like it or not, people judge each other on appearances, and that can hold especially true in the workplace. I decided to take this advice to heart, and updated my wardrobe to include pencil skirts, dress slacks, and black pumps. What I’ve learned is that it feels good to look good. And the compliments I get on my updated appearance aren’t half bad either.

Taking a break–literally. Taking short breaks during the workday can be a wonderful way to recharge. I’ve always been a little uptight about productivity and focus at the workplace. Meaning, when I’d see my coworkers taking breaks to walk around the office, scroll through their social media feeds, or read the newspaper, I’d get irritated. “We’re here to work, not frolic around,” I’d think bitterly to myself. But I’ve since come to my senses. A few brief breaks during the day aren’t necessarily detrimental to your productivity–they can actually be great opportunities to clear your mind and recharge for the tasks ahead. I’ve found that occasionally taking short breaks to make a cup of tea, stretch my muscles, or catch up with coworkers results in a great mental boost.

Finding balance and wellness in the workplace can seem like a never ending challenge, but there are many small steps we can take each day to feel better and happier.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned these past few months is that your health and happiness should be a priority, even in the workplace. Whether that means taking a couple extra minutes to take the stairs instead of the elevator, to take a short break in the afternoon to catch up with a coworker, or spend a couple extra dollars on a tailored pair of slacks, happiness, healthiness, and productivity often walk hand in hand.

Hacks to Create More Free Time in Your Week

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For many of us, “free time” is a little bit like a missing sock–we know it’s around somewhere, but we can never seem to find it. Add up the time most of us spend commuting, working, doing household chores, and putting in extra hours to get ahead (or, in some cases, catch up), there never seems to be free time during the week. Fortunately, there are some small tips we can each follow to build more free time into the week.

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Bookish Confession: I’m a Book “Overbuyer”

Per a recommendation at my workplace, I’ve started reading Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project.” It’s one of those books I’ve seen at bookstores in the past, picked-up, and put back down. I never purchased it in the past because, thankfully, I’m already very happy. I didn’t think I needed a ‘happiness project.’ But after receiving this book from my workplace, I’m so very happy to be reading it. I’m learning so much about myself and my potential in each chapter (How can I be a better person? How can I improve my relationships with others? How can I cultivate an atmosphere of happiness?). One thing I’ve learned:

I’m a book overbuyer, and it’s starting to impact my happiness. 

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Remaining a Student of Poetry Post-Graduation

I graduated from college 2.5 years ago with my Bachelor’s in Creative Writing. Although reading and writing poetry are two of my biggest passions in the world, I found that I didn’t write much poetry once the diploma arrived. Sure, I’d write odd poems here and there, and I continued reading and writing about a lot of poetry collections… but I wasn’t engaging in any sort of a disciplined poetry writing routine. In short, I wanted to create poems, but I wasn’t doing the work it required.

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The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe


As part of my journey to read more gothic fiction, Ann Radcliffe’s The Mysteries of Udolpho was my first read of 2016. If you have any interest in the Gothic Horror genre, I highly recommend reading this book (although I think this is technically more of a Gothic Romance?). Read on for my thoughts on this classic novel–but be warned: there are spoilers aplenty!

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What Are Your 2016 Reading Goals?

In an effort to build a sense of community here on my little blog, and start some valuable bookish conversations, I’d like to begin a series of reader questions. The Book Riot YouTube Channel puts out videos of reader questions, and I always love watching them. So, that’s probably what inspired me to start my own series here. Feel free to check out my 2016 Reading Goals and comment with your own.


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September Reading Wrap Up


Sci-fi! Fantasy! Comics!

September was a fairly leisurely reading month for me, as I continued to step outside of my comfort zone into the literary world of sci-fi and fantasy. I finished rereading the Harry Potter series, enjoyed a good comic, and got my first taste of the fiction of Robin Hobb. Let’s dig in!

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