Wondering if I post content that’s relevant to your interests, but don’t feel like scrolling through the archives? Look no further! I blog almost exclusively about books, so I thought it might be useful to have a quick rundown of what my reading life looks like.

What I Read (and thus, blog about)

I think it is extremely important to read across genres, but I find myself sticking primarily to reading…

  • Poetry (Primarily contemporary american poetry, but I’m open to all categories!)
  • Books about poetry (poetic form, workshop guides, essays, etc)
  • Comics!
  • Classic literature
  • Metaphysical literature

You’ll quickly discover that I don’t have much to say about YA or genre fiction. Sorry. 😦

Why I Read

Because my life would be empty without books. Because I’m an introvert who would rather spend my lunch hour with a park bench and a book than with coworkers (sorry). Because paper and ink are the perfect contrast to glaring computer screens. Because marginalia is therapy. Because because because.


Want a quick glance at what I’ve been reading lately? Check out the Reading List tab above.

Happy reading!