2015 Reading (and writing) Year in Review

2015 Reading Stack

2015 was a big bookish year for me. I read way more books than I ever anticipated I would, discovered the joy of comic books, and started a couple of really exciting writing gigs. Here are the highlights from my last year of reading:

I let myself escape into the sheer joy of comic books. 

Friends, 2015 was the year comics came into my life, and I think they’re here to stay. I picked up Volume I of Saga in March, and have been hooked on comics since. On weeks when I have limited reading time, I love to read a couple comics before bed to get my narrative fix in a short time period. Reading comics is also a great way to engage with artwork–something that I quite frankly, don’t do often enough.

I began to genuinely enjoy the classics.

I studied English (primarily poetry) in college and was often required to read and analyze classic literature. Although I loved literary analysis and genuinely enjoyed writing essays, I admit that I rarely picked up a classic novel with much enthusiasm. I didn’t realize that a couple years later, I would be eagerly reading classic gothic horror novels, or reading my way through Moby-Dick and The Iliad in my free time. I admit, I didn’t love every classic I read this year–It took me 3 months to get through The Iliad, and now I can barely even remember what happened! But I’m now eager to read classics–and my respect for them has grown tremendously. Classics no longer seem daunting or intimidating to me (for the most part!), and that is a huge step forward for me.

I started reviewing poetry collections and literary magazines online.

I am passionate about reading poetry and writing about it (and also, go figure, actually writing my own poetry)… so imagine my excitement when I discovered that I could receive free books every month in exchange for an honest, well-thought review of the text.

I realized that I needed to cut back before I could find balance.

For the majority of 2015, I was reading a lot–classics, comics, genre fiction, a monthly book club selection, numerous review books, lit. mags.– and also writing a lot–freelance articles, book reviews, blog posts–Yet, I hadn’t cultivated a good balance between the two. What’s more–I was barely writing any poetry at all. My evenings and weekends were packed with assignments, and I used any free time I had for leisurely reading. Around October, I decided to cut out a freelance gig that was no longer beneficial to me, cut back on some of my other assignments, and give myself more time for pleasure reading and valuable writing endeavors. I’m already seeing the tremendous positive impact these decisions have been making.

I had fun!

Overall, my 2015 reading life was a blast. I’m curious–what did you read and learn in the year 2015? What were your bookish highlights?



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