In the Interim

Well friends, It’s been awhile since I’ve posted new content. Work has gotten more demanding and my love of reading has consumed what little free time I’ve had. I want to bring your attention to some changes that are coming soon to my site.

I’ve felt that my blog has really lacked direction, and I intend to focus my writing more clearly in the coming months. Starting tonight, I will begin a series called “Bi-Monthly Review” which will feature an informal book review to be posted on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month. The content may differ drastically from post to post, sometimes featuring an anthology in it’s entirety, and other weeks zoning in on a single single poem or essay. I primarily read poetry and nonfiction so you can bet most of my reviews will focus on these genres. Opinions will be my own. Hopefully my thoughts will be of some use to you in your own reading journey.

Additionally, I may continue to post the random blog about reading strategies, various literary topics, or life-in-general. Just depends on if I have anything to say.

If you’re a total book nerd like me, you may want to check out a new page I will be adding titled “Bookish Sites I love.” If you’re a reader who enjoys reading about reading, these sites may be of profound interest to you.​

Enjoy! And thanks for sticking around.



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