My Bucket List as of 6/17/14

Setting goals makes me excited, and putting them down on paper makes them feel more achievable. Below is my bucket list as of today. I’m sure it will continue to change, and I’m hoping that as the years go by, I can begin crossing some of these items off and creating bigger goals. I’m ready to get out in the world and make these things happen!

  • Pay off my car and student loan in 5 years or less/become financially independent of my parents
  • Visit India, the Ganges River
  • Backpack through Sequoia National Park
  • Backpack for a week straight, period
  • Establish myself as a writer (whatever that means)
  • Get published in literary magazines (poetry and academic writing, literary analysis)
  • Write and publish a chapbook
  • Write and publish a collection of poetry
  • Meet Richard Siken (or at least see him at The Pygmalion Festival 2014)
  • Survive for 6 months straight on freelance work alone
  • Road-trip the U.S./live in a vehicle
  • Live in Portland, OR
  • Start my own zine
  • Work full time as a poetry editor
  • Meditate regularly
  • Get paid to record an audio book
  • Read every piece of literature that T.S. Eliot refers to in The Waste Land and blog about my journey/experience/thoughts/analysis/etcetcetc
  • Practice writing in meter so thoroughly that it begins to come naturally
  • Master the art of scansion
  • Run a marathon

What’s on your bucket list? Do we have anything in common?


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